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Last Updated: July 21, 2002

mike-kyra engagement party - march 1998

Kyra and Mike at the engagement party
March, 1998

Frequently Asked Questions

Okay... First of all, what do you two bozos really look like? See above for our picture. Keep in mind that we used to look like that. But we basically still look the same. You can find more photos on this site as well...

So... you guys actually named your wedding/engagement website jamie. What gives? We thought that the names Penelope, Douglas, Ophelia, and Bruce were a little pretentious. Actually it is our tribute to Mr. Jamie Cohen, one of our beloved USYers, who interrupted our marriage proposal. He thought that we should name our first born after him, but we decided on this instead.

Wow! This is exciting! Have you set a date yet? This question is a little old, so let me recap. Kyra and I got married on Sunday, October 18, 1998 at a 1:30pm ceremony. The actually "official" binding of the ceremony itself happened at approximately 2:37pm. All of these times are Eastern Daylight Time.

Are you going to have the wedding in DC or Florida? Also an old question We were married at Temple Beth El in Boca Raton, Florida, the hometown of Rick and Betsy Schuster, Kyra's parents. We decided not to reveal the location on the web until after the fact to ensure that crashers would not attend. (As far as we know, none did.)

How did the two of you meet anyway? Well that's an interesting story. In fact, we've written a short story detailing our entire courtship. But instead, here's the shorter version:

We met on the USY (United Synagogue Youth) listserv about two years back. After much correspondence via email and phone, we eventually met in person. We then spent quite a bit of time becoming very good friends. Then at our USY Regional Spring Convention (which we were both staffing) we decided to bring our relationship to the next level. And have been together ever since.

So you actually met on the Internet! Isn't that just a smidge cheesy? Yes - very much so. But we must clarify - neither of us were looking to meet anyone else at the time. No chat room trolling for us...

When/where did you get engaged? May 16, 1997 right after the arrival of Shabbat. At Seaboard Region's USY Spring Convention, High View, WV.

How did it happen? (Did he get down on one knee?) Well actually the first thing Mike said was "I'm not getting down on one knee." It was simple really, Mike asked, Jamie interrupted, Mike and Kyra yelled at Jamie, Jamie left, Kyra answered, Mike gave her the ring (yes, it fit) and then they went back into Shabbat evening services and told everybody.

Are you going to get married at a USY Convention? No. Not at Encampment, Fall, International, Interchapters, or Spring. (Sorry Steve...) That would just be plain silly.

UPDATE: We did participate in a mock-wedding ceremony at the Seaboard Region USY Fall Convention at the end of November 1998 in Norfolk, VA. It was a fun experience for all. Kyra even brought down her wedding dress. Mike decided to just wear a regular two piece suit.

Have you told your parents yet? Well, by now I'm sure they know! As for when we let them know about our engagement, we called them as soon as Shabbat was over.

Has Fyona (Kyra's feline roommate) warmed up to Mike yet? Will she be in the wedding? Fyona and Mike are actually getting along better than ever. There is the occasional hiss or growl (from both fyona and Mike), but they are getting used to being roommates. Every so often, fyona is known to show up on Mike's feet while Mike is sleeping.

And Fyona stayed at home in Arlington during the wedding. It was all for the best since, as we all know, cats hate to dance the hora.

UPDATE: Not only are Fyona and Mike getting along swimmingly, but she actually seems to be much nicer to him than to Kyra nowadays. Perhaps that's because he's cleaning the litterbox and picking her up, but hey -- whatever works...

If you have any additional questions for her, you can proceed to our Ask fyona page.

After you get married, where will you live? In June 1998, we moved to a beautiful apartment in Rosslyn, VA in a nice development called Summit Village. We spent almost three years in that location and simply had a blast. Georgetown was in walking distance, we had two Metro stops near our front door, and some pretty amazing neighbors.

In March 2001, we bought our first home in Alexandria, VA. You can check out some pictures on our house site...

Do the two of you have a song? Yes. "Seven Circles" by Peter Himmelman. If you haven't heard it you should. Warning: the first time you hear it, you will cry like a baby just like Kyra did the first time Mike played it for her. This was also the "spotlight" dance at the wedding reception. And Peter Himmelman himself gave us verbal permission to use the song.

Why a wedding WWW site? Because everyone else is doing it. That and it saves on phone calls. It was a nice project for us, and it helps people find out what's going on in our lives without having to talk on the phone. And, come to think of it, if this site weren't here, you'd probably be doing something useful right now -- but instead, this has become a fun diversion.

UPDATE: This was written quite a ways back while the novelty of the web was still "neat." Nowadays, the web is just a way of life -- and a clearinghouse for failed business startups and online drivel. Nonetheless, we are honored to be a part of the drivel.

What happened to Mike's whirlwind relationship with actress Téa Leoni? This question comes up quite a bit, due to a slight misunderstanding. You're mistaking Mike for actor David Duchovny, star of "The X-Files." David and Téa are still happily married, as of this writing. In fact, David has moved the production of his TV series to the Los Angeles area simply to be closer to his wife! How's that for love?

UPDATE:  The X-Files has come and gone, but David and Téa are still together. Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli, however, have just ended the party. What this has to do with Mike and Kyra we'll never know...

Is Kyra keeping her last name? Is Mike? Are they doing that wacky thing where they combine their given surnames and create a new one? You know, good question. We've thought about this a lot, and we don't know exactly what we'll do. Possible considerations for a new last name are SchuSchein, Schusterberg and "Schhh." Any other suggestions? Let us know...

UPDATE: We're still Schuster and Scheinberg. Separately. But people call us the "SchuScheins" quite a bit...

I'm not so great with gift ideas. Where is the happy couple registered? Pretty old question. We were registered at Pier 1, Target and Crate & Barrel. I have a feeling our gift registries are gone by now. But you can feel free to get us anything at all if you have a strong desire. An SUV would be nice...

Will the happy couple accept cash? Like you have to ask...

On the "jamie" wedding site, there is a section which involves an "automatic thank you note generator" which will compose thank you notes for gifts on the fly. Isn't this terrible and completely insensitive to your guests? Okay.. we've had many concerns from web citizens who have written us thinking that we are horrible, horrible people who have no respect and honor for those who took the time to buy us gifts. Here's the scoop: the thank you note generator is a joke. A little gimmick. Mike learned to program in the scripting language called Perl to see what would happen. We use it as a feature for our wedding site only.

We have received gifts from many family and friends. (Real gifts.) And we have sent them real thank you notes. Handwritten. Mailed first-class.

UPDATE: The thank-you note generator lives on, but has now been completely rewritten in PHP, the gifted stepchild of Perl. This really doesn't affect much; just a programming change. We're still working on a program which will actually let us return the merchandise virtually given to us in the thank-you notes for real, cold hard cash.

Where and when did you go on your honeymoon? We took our honeymoon over the last weekend of May and the first week of June. We flew to San Francisco, and then toured around San Fran, Berkeley, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Fresno, Santa Cruz, Carmel by the Sea, and other fun locations all over California. We also hopped to Las Vegas (where we broke even in our gambling expeditions), dyed our hair pink and orange, and then flew to Cincinnati where we spent the weekend with our good friend Joseph. All in all, a wonderful time.


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