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Last Updated: June 16, 2003

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Since Kyra and Mike got hitched!

Well, we're married! Have been for... well, take a look above and see.

We've won several awards and accolades for this site a while back from waycoolweddings.com and from losers.org. We've also been honored enough to have been linked to quite a few Jewish wedding resources.

Here's the stuff you're looking for:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): How did we meet? What is this with the name "jamie?" Other pieces of irrelevant information you're dying to know...

Jewish FAQ: Everything you've ever wanted to know about Jewish weddings but were afraid to ask...

Our Wedding Program: Relive the moment! Take a look at a great resource which brought Kinkos in Boca Raton lots of business one fateful Sunday...

The Automatic Thank-You Note Generator: try out one of the most notoriously controversial features of our website. After all: "it'll save you the wait and us the time!"

Wedding and Honeymoon Photos: Do you really think we'd leave these out? See what we looked like way back when...

Links (coming soon): Including the notorious "people who have stolen content from our Jewish FAQ page and have not credited us!"

Miscellaneous Stuff that we didn't know where else to put...

Feedback and Comments (coming soon): Leave some privately, post some publicly, or read what other people have to say!  


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