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Last Updated: September 07, 2003

Our Photo Album

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Welcome to our on-line photo album! As you can see, we've traveled the world (okay, the East Coast) together. From Vermont to Del Vista Boca. Anyhow, feel free to peruse the pictures. They may take a while to download, so be patient. We're worth the wait...

Ben & Jerry's Picture June 30, 1996, Waterbury VT: Our dream come true! This was our first real road trip together. We drove countless hours (okay, eight) through New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont to visit our own personal Graceland, namely the Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory! We stayed in a very nice, cozy Bed & Breakfast (the Black Locust Inn - Great French Toast!), and then spent Sunday morning learning how ice cream was made. Kyra's knowledge of Ben & Jerry's trivia served us well, as we received free brownie bars! Oh -- and we made spin art, too!

Kyra and Dutch Olympians August 4, 1996, Atlanta, GA: Another road-trip: this time, to the Centennial Olympic Games! We went for the closing ceremonies, which were distinguished with the presence of such stars as Paul Shaffer, Gloria Estefan, and, of course, Trisha Yearwood. The best part about it, however, was the rowdy, intoxicating, friendly spirit in the air. Okay, perhaps "intoxicated" is a more appropriate description. Many Olympians decided to continue their party on the field with the performers, running willy-nilly across the field, playing frisbee with stage props, and singing loud songs on the MARTA trains home. Here we see Kyra, with the fluster of excitement (and preliminary symptoms of mono) with some of the Dutch Olympians. The Netherlands, by the way, came home with no gold, silver or bronze medals during the 1996 Olympics. Now we see why...

Mike at Centennial Olympic Park August 4 again... Earlier that day, we toured around the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. It was a spectacle of worlds uniting, a spirit of all peoples coming together as one. In a world of such disagreement and chaos, only in this space was a sentiment of harmony and good sportsmanship.

Well, not exactly. But we got to wait in line for 30 minutes to see "Bud World." Yippee!

Seriously, though, we were able to see many corporately sponsored exhibits by Swatch, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, and more. One of the highlights was the AT&T Pavillion, which had some computers displaying a demo about technology and world connectivity. Mike decided to share in the dream of world connectivity by hacking into the operating system and getting into his own email account. And then, suddenly, there was a bond: right behind us, an Irish visitor decided to do the same. GEEKS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Kyra and Mike at USY Spring Convention 1997 May 18, 1997, High View, WV: Okay... a long time has passed since any pictures were posted. During this time, Mike decided, during Hurricane Fran, that he would grow a beard. Kyra decided to keep on dating him anyway. And then, in May of 1997, Viola! Engagement.

How did it happen? Well, both of us were staffing Spring Convention for Seaboard Region USY. Shabbat started as the sun went down. And BOOM! Engagement. (Seriously: you have to read the Frequently Asked Questions list to find the real story.) Anyhow, it was a weekend full of celebration and fun. This picture was taken on Sunday morning. Note that we're both wearing "ArFax USY" t-shirts. That's the chapter which Kyra was working with at the time as youth director and USY Advisor. (And, incidentally, it was Seaboard's "Chapter of the Year" -- as awarded at the same Convention.)

Kyra and Mike at Steffi and Ari's wedding August 31, 1997, Miami Beach, FL: So... the summer rolls around. Kyra kept working with her award winning USY chapter. Mike hopped over to Israel for three weeks. Kyra made herself sick worrying about her fiancee across the pond. Mike racked up a large bill on his Sprint phone card. Oh -- and when Mike came back to the States, a drunk driver ran him off the road in Burlington, NC. (Don't worry -- nobody was hurt, the drunk driver was arrested on the spot, and his insurance paid for just about everything. And I will NOT scan in the pictures I took of the vehicle for the insurance company. Sorry...)

In order to practice this whole wedding thing which we inevitably would go through, we attended the wedding of good friends Ari and Stephanie (who will be Kyra's Best Woman at the wedding). It was a great weekend, except for when we heard that Princess Diana had been killed in an auto accident. But back to the happy stuff: This picture was taken at the wedding reception. (Since this picture, Mike has cut his hair quite a bit, so don't be freaked out or anything.)

Kyra and Mike at USY Formal at ArFax March 7, 1998, Arlington, VA: Although Mike is still living in North Carolina and Kyra is still in Virginia at this point, life is still good. They've been able to see each other in either state about once a month, and have been talking on the phone non-stop in between visits. Anyhow, the week between March 6 and 15, 1998, was a nice one because, due to UNC's Spring Break, Mike was able to be up in the DC area. Saturday night was the Seaboard USY Formal at Arlington-Fairfax Jewish Congregation, Kyra's USY home base at the time. It was quite the success. You have to admit that Kyra and Mike don't look all that formal in the basic black, but I think it was a bold statement. The "money envelope" seen in the picture was our responsibility. And NO, we didn't dip in to it to finance our honeymoon fund.

The next day, March 8, was our engagement party at Mike's parents' home in Rockville, Maryland. It was lots of fun, and pictures will be coming soon from that wonderful day...

MORE PICTURES COMING SOON! Check back every hour just in case...

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