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Last Updated: January 30, 2005

Welcome to the Avi Page!

Avi Update (12/29/2004):




(Please become potty trained soon. We beg you...  Love, your parents.)

(10/23/2003) Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that Avi is ok! Not only has the leg splint come off, but he's still a happy kid who is moving around on his own -- and has started to crawl!  This means lots of on-the-fly babyproofing at our home. But it's all worth it.  He can clap his hands, too.  Nothing we need to make safe for that...

Anyhow -- thanks for everyone's support while Avi was going through this ordeal.

-- K & M

(9/6/2003) As you may have heard, Avi had a big spill outside this past week on the way from the car to the house.  Kyra was carrying him when she fell, twisting and spraining her ankle. Avi sustained some bruises and bumps to his head and right knee. Fortunately, Avi started screaming immediately after the fall -- a good sign that he did not lose consciousness.  We brought him into the emergency room early the next morning per his pediatrician, where he underwent a head CT (kind of like a 3-D x-ray of the head) and x-rays on his leg.

Per the CT -- no internal head injuries were discovered. However, the x-ray showed a fractured femur (upper leg).  Avi's orthopedist told us that this was a minor fracture, and that since Avi's bones are still developing, his femur did not "snap" broken into two pieces at the fracture.  He made a splint for Avi's right leg from thigh to toes which he will be wearing for the next three weeks. Is it serious? Yes. But could it have been much, much, much worse? Absolutely. We're most thankful that Avi will be able to recover fully very soon.

How is Avi handling all of this? Like a trooper. It's pretty obvious to us that he doesn't prefer total immobilization of his leg. Nonetheless, he is in very good spirits as usual -- laughing, smiling, playing and all around being himself. (We have pictures.) He's back at day care and will get through this with flying colors. (By the way -- so will Kyra, who is wearing an air cast to immobilize her ankle.)

Thanks to all of you for your concern and good wishes for Avi and the rest of the family.  We'll keep you posted with any further status.

-- Kyra and Mike


Not a whole lot here right now, we know. We've just been kind of busy...

In the meantime...

More to come. Including a FAQ page, letters to Avi and more!


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