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Last Updated: September 07, 2003

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These pictures were taken on August 28, 2002. Mike and Kyra were both there (yes, yes.. I know you probably already guessed Kyra was there) and we were able to see the entire thing in real-time on the monitor propped on the ceiling. (We have to get one of those things so we can watch Letterman in bed!)

The original photos happened to have lots of weird numbers and letters which we didn't understand -- probably the most interesting was the word "FROZEN" on each of the printouts, which is funny because Kyra is not sleeping with packages of frozen tater tots strapped to her tummy. We decided to remove all of that information -- simply because we didn't know if it would give away anything about the baby which would come back to haunt us via email. (For example: "12R34L -- that means you're going to have a girl!" or "E385FD -- that means the kid will want to study abroad in Italy for a semester!") So - all you have to go on is the date of the photos, the name of the patient, and the room we were in when we had this done.

Oh -- one more thing: the job of these doctors and technicians is possibly one of the most creative ones in the world. Where Kyra and Mike would see a blob that looks like a pound of cookie dough, these folks could actually interpret it to look like a head, a leg, a spinal cord, etc. It's as if they have the uncanny ability to interpret modern art. Which is something that Kyra admires, since she never mastered that in college -- hence she works in a history museum. But we're getting off track here...

Anyway - these are the latest. Have a look -- if you focus the mouse over a particular picture, you'll get an on-screen explanation as to what you're seeing.


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