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[12/29/2003] Avi 1.0! Things have worked out so well with all of us together this past year -- and he'll be back for many more! Go to the Avi Page -- right now!

[9/6/2003] Avi Update: Yes, Avi had a rough week, but is recovering. Take a look at the Avi page for the latest...

[6/16/2003] Pictures: We have pictures of Avi and family and friends. Take a look!

[12/29/2002] IT'S A BOY! We'll have information, pictures, and the rest of the works up sometime soon. Check out the latest here, as well as a link to pictures...

[12/17/2002] Play "The Oates Pool" while you still can! If you're not sure what "oates" is... keep on reading. But if you're feeling lucky and intuitive, play away!

[9/1/2002] We have Oates pictures! If you're not sure what "oates" is, you may want to read the next update. If you do know what we're talking about, take a look here...

[7/21/2002] The Oates Page is up! What is oates, you may be asking? Take a look and find out. Make sure to look at the Flash presentation as well...

[7/21/2002] The site has re-opened! True, it's not really much different, and some of it is still incomplete, but this will help us with organizing what should go where for the future. Having problems finding anything? Let us know...

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